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From my passion and love for cooking learned from my mother and that for over 60 years, I continue to prepare Italian country recipes with its culture and traditions.

I rediscovered and published most of my recipes in this book just to bring back some of that Italian peasant tradition, and unexpectedly the wonder happens, thousands of readers around the world loved my recipes,, they prepared, tasted and approved, suddenly my book has become a BESTSELLER.
I have always believed and maintained the traditions of my culture, and this is the result and the appreciation of many people who love Italian cuisine.

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Chicken rolls with artichokes

Persons; 4   Difficulty; Easy   Preparation Time 15 min   Cooking Time; 20 min   Calories; 415

A recipe of meat very simple and tasty, the chicken rolls with artichokes, are tender morsels with a tasty filling of artichokes and raw ham. The slices of chicken remain juicy and soft and in a few minutes brings to the table a dish that will appeal to the whole family, including children!


• 8 slices of chicken breast
• 8 slices of raw ham
• 8 medium-sized artichokes in oil
• 1/2 glass of dry white wine
• 1 clove of garlic
• rosemary
• oil
• salt
• pepper


1 To make the savory chicken rolls with artichokes, first of all thin the chicken breast slices with the meat and add a slice of raw ham and a little artichoke cut in half.

2 Roll and roll the rolls with a toothpick or kitchen twine. In a pan heat two tablespoons of oil, brown the garlic and rosemary and then remove them. Add the rolls and cook over high heat for 5 minutes turning them often. Sprinkle with the wine, let it evaporate, salt and pepper. Cover the pan and cook for 10 minutes.

3 Withdraw, transfer the chicken rolls to the artichokes with their cooking sauce on the serving plate and serve immediately at the table.

Read why many chefs have chosen Mamma Bianca's recipes

Marcel B. chef by " Enjoy It " Restaurant

Our restaurant is not Italian but sometimes we insert in the menu some Italian recipes that I personally love, I was looking around for some original recipes that could have a proper identity for our customers, I heard from a friend of these recipes of Mamma Bianca and I bought the book, from the ingredients and combinations I immediately understood the difference between common recipes that every Italian restaurant propose and recipes of Mamma Bianca that are so unique with simple ingredients but very well combined, I’m very happy and satisfied,

Mariette C. Chef by " Dolce Sapore " Restaurant

We run an Italian restaurant so I know very well the Italian, I wanted to learn more about especially the traditions of small villages from mid and south of Italy where mothers cook as in the old days, and in this book I found what I was looking for, culinary traditions like old times that personally appreciate very much and I also introduced in the menu of our restaurant.

Marlene M. chef of " Romy " Restaurant

Run a particular restaurant where you do not eat the usual recipes that you find in almost all Italian restaurants, means that you have to make the difference, and I dedicate a lot of time to the search for local recipes and particularly recipes from small villages where the culinary tradition is appreciated, in this book I found some original recipes that I choose to introduce in our menu because they are recipes with a unique combinations of ingredients with an excellent taste, and I must also say the presentation of the dish are excellent, very good Mamma Bianca

Marta S. Chef by " Sapore Italiano " Restaurant

Basically I was born in this restaurant of my family, and since I was a child I always dreamed of being a chef, but only for Italian cuisine where my origins come from, for about 10 years now I’m chefs of our restaurant and like every chef I’m always looking for new recipes were I can make the difference, with the recipes of Mamma Bianca I discovered some unique combinations that I immediately loved and included in our menu

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